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Since September 14th, 2012 the Ripe distributes IP addresses of its remaining allotment of the /8 net. They do not give away any more IPv4 addresses to their members. Every LIR receives a /22 net with 1024 IPs for their future needs. Many ISPs and companies will need considerably more IPs in the following years for their growth and their customers. For these ISPs and enterprises there exists currently the possibility to transfer IPv4 addresses from one LIR to another against payment of an amount.

blue networks specializes in consulting ISPs and enterprises. We have been advising ISPs for years at operating of their IPv4 infrastructure and the set-up of a new IPv6 infrastructure. We support ISPs in Europe as consultant in different fields. We do not consider ourself as an IP address dealer. Our services are effected on an hourly basis or at a fixed price. For the attended transfers the costs are transparent for our clients. Our client concludes a direct contract with a third party and is advised by us. We consult as well small as large ISPs in all aspects of the topic IPv4 transfer.

As first German company we are listed on the RIPE website as IPv4 Broker. Our consulting follows the RIPE guide-lines and in this regard, we stay in close contact with RIPE and other organisations.


For all aspects of the topic IPv4 Transfer we offer the following services and packages:

  • Consulting on an hourly basis all aspects of IPv4 transfers
  • Consulting of technology solutions like IPv6, CGN (Carrier-Grade-NAT), NAT64 and other technologies
  • Support at the search of suitable IPv4 addresses on an hourly basis or at an inclusive price
  • Support at the sale of IPv4 addresses
  • We assist at the purchase and sale of small (/24) up to large ( e.g. /12) IP ranges
  • Sale of a standard sale contract and of a NDA for an IPv4 transfer's execution (standard contracts)
  • Individual legal advice and modification of contracts by lawyer Dr. Sedlmeier (http://www.sd-anwaelte.de)
  • Supply of a fiduciary account through a lawyer or a tax counsellor, for a controlled clearing of a transaction
  • Further services and consulting

  • IPv4 transfer analysis of the current state

    At a fixed price we analyse your current IPv4 adresses' resources and generate a recommendation for the further planning in the fields of IP addresses. In this respect, technical concepts like CGN, NAT64 or a redesign of the net are opposed to a commercial concept (IPv4 Transfer) to find a solution.

    Free initial consultation in German and English

    We offer a free initial consultation over the phone up to maximum one hour. During this first consultation we can talk about your current situation and demonstrate possible solutions and procedures. This initial consulting is free of charge, for information only and without responsibility.


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