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Campus WLAN with Guest WLAN

Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, in Frankfurt on Main is an ecclesiastical and officially acknowledged scientific university. Established in 1926, the University is under educational tradition and responsibility of the Jesuit order (Societas Jesu) and offers qualified academic education to all people who are certified for university entrance.

In winter semester 2015/16 at the Sankt Georgen Graduate School 400 ladies and gentlemen studied in total. Tim Döring is network administrator and responsible for the intern networks and directory services.


There are different user groups at the university, who have to authentificate against the WLAN in different ways: WPA Enterprise (professors, employees), directly over Radius (students) up to guest-authentificated WLAN (conference- or long-term guests at the seminary). At the guest WLAN there is the possiibility to let guests participate in the WLAN on a daily basis through vouchers.
The aim of the Sankt Georgen Graduate School was to connect the mobile devices of their guests reliably and campus wide via WLAN access to the network.

Besides guests should receive a legally verified internet access for their mobile devices like smartphones or notebooks during their stay. Both should be mapped by a solution with own infrastructure, whereas the IT department should always be able to control and lead the current use. In addition the internal data transfer must be protected at its best.


The solution was realised with a WLAN controller and several access points. The complete system can thereby be centrally managed. Connections to the local systems were worked out with the customer. To realise a guest WLAN function, the Agile Controller of Huawei was used. By an interlinking with already existing Radius Server user authentification for all lnetworks were realised.

To reach an area wide availability and to identify optimum poistions of the access points, a WLAN site survey was performed before starting the project. Sectors which were difficult to reach with cables were covered with a MESH solution.

The existing hardware was completely replaced through Huawei Hardware.


The advantage of the blue networks' implemented solution is above all in the central administration and the self-explanatory web-interface. Campus wide all WLAN accesses are administrated and lead at one point; the connection to the intern networks is now provided area wide on campus.

„Now our guests can use their mobile phones and laptops all over the building and are glad about a fast WLAN internet access. The hardware of Huawei and the controller solution conform absolutely to our demands. During the complete process, from planning to operation, we could always rely on blue networks als ou partner !“

Tim Döring, IT-Administrator
Sankt Georgen Graduate School
of Philosophy and Theology

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